Drawing Mickey Mouse

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Learn how to draw Mickey Mouse with simple step by step instructions:

drawing mickey-mouse

drawing mickey-mouse

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15 comments on “Drawing Mickey Mouse”

  1. jj :

    awesome you guys keep up the great work!

  2. leanne :

    this was really easy

  3. Tarisha :

    So good! its really nice and its so simple!

  4. keke :

    wowi feel like an artist thanks

  5. Kees :

    It was really nice!

  6. kayla :

    i have tried to draw mickey mouse three times and each time it came out horrible! Not this time though! sooooooo easy!

  7. Zahra :

    Nice and simple. May god bless the lot of you!

  8. Georgina Lad :

    Tis is so amazing I tried it and it went amazingly well

  9. hannah :

    it was great, and easy. keep it up guys

  10. Imaan :

    I’m a terrible drawer but now I’m pro

  11. jessie :

    i like it when theres a bit of a challenge to draw something it’s great. but i’d rather have a challenge but i like it!!!
    Keep up the good work! :)

  12. mariah :

    This was very easy and cqme out great!!!!!

  13. jordin :

    easy peasy.:)

  14. it was hard for me at first but then i got it

  15. so if i got it im pretty sure you can get it to its simpl just try it

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